There are a lot of reasons to move to Park Canyon Apartments in Dalton GA, but back in the day, there was pretty much only one reason to go to the city — carpets! Dalton is still known as the Carpet Capitol of the World, even though the economy has diversifiedtepp144860titel over the years and with the opening of the university.

But if you’re ever looking for work, Dalton operates over 150 different carpet plants. These plants alone employ over 30,000 people in the Whitfield County area.

So why are there this many carpet manufacturers? Well, the story goes something like this:

A teenage girl, Catherine Evans Whitener, gave his brother and his bride an unusual wedding gift. It was a strangely tufted bedspread, where she’s sewn on cotton yarn into unbleached muslin. Then she clipped the end of the yarn so it would fluff out! Interest in these special spreads grew quickly and soon Whitener had so much demand that she wasn’t able to keep up with it.

She quickly had to hire other people to help her make these carpets, and after WWII, machines were brought to the already skilled workers.

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