It’s October here at Park Canyon Apartments, and your know what that means; brilliant fall colors, fall pumpkin_halloween-carvingfestivals and pumpkin carving!.  Here’s a new twist to pumpkin carving that may “wet” your appetite.   The Tennessee Aquarium’s annual underwater pumpkin carving competition will kick off October 4th.  Two costumed divers will enter the depths of the Aquarium’s “Nickajack-O-Lantern” Lake exhibit and carve pumpkins while huge alligator gar and unusual paddlefish lurk in the waters nearby. After the competition is complete, you will have an opportunity to vote for a winner when photos of both pumpkins are posted to the Aquarium’s Facebook page.  Underwater pumpkin carving exhibitions are scheduled each Friday at 11:00 a.m. in the Nickajack Lake tank. (However, the October 4 show will be the only competition-style event.)

Feeling creative?  Get out those pumpkin carving tools and carve away!  Take a picture of your creation and share it with us on our Facebook page!