Sometimes, residents of Park Canyon Apartments want to have the experience of going to a coffee shop, but need more substance in their diet than a muffin. ThereID-100112707 aren’t a lot of restaurants in Dalton where you can get a great espresso beverage as well as a fun meal, but luckily for those who look to snag a great lunch, there’s always The Perfect Cup.

Somewhere between a diner and a coffee shop with food, The Perfect Cup is a little bit different because they don’t focus on breakfast. Show up in the morning and expect to have a pastry and a drink. Show up for lunch, and who knows what special they might have! They’re known for serving everything from sandwiches and wraps to pizzas and fried rice.

If you want a better idea of what to expect, you should check out their Facebook page. It’s a great way to get a good idea of what their food is like before you show up. They also post what their daily special is before they open, so you can know if you just need to show up. Food doesn’t always last, so get there early!

What’s your favorite espresso drink? Tell us by visiting Park Canyon’s Facebook page!

Photo source:  FreeDigitalPhoto