In order to dress your Park Canyon apartment up for the Thanksgiving holidays, consider visiting Hobby Lobby on East Walnut Avenue to find all of the items that you need to help you with  your decorating. You’ll find a large variety of scarecrows in different sizes and


Get started with your Thanksgiving decorations to bring in the season.

styles that will look great by your front door. You might also choose a few artificial pumpkins to place next to your scarecrow to provide a festive look.

You can also visit Michael’s on Dug Gap Road to obtain some great items for your Park Canyon apartment. You may even choose to purchase the items that you want to create your own fall decorations. You can do a lot with some fall colored silk flowers, fall garland and fall picks, you’ll be able to create great decorations that are unique and that no one else will have.

The other residents at the Park Canyon apartments are going to love your decorations and may decide to decorate their apartment also.