If you’re looking for a college degree, but can’t move in order to get your degree, you end up only having a limited number of options when it comes to schooling. But whether you’re a new student or a returning one, here at Park Canyon Apartments within walking distance of Dalton State, we think you should consider Dalton State as your choice for higher education.

A fully accredited university, you’ll be able to get a reputable degree, without relocating. Dalton State was the 24th unit of the University System of Georgia, which now boasts 35 units in total.

The college opened in fall of 1967 and has been seeing great graduation rates and retention since then. You’ll be able to have the personal attention you need, with admission rates only over 5,000. Whether you’re planning on just getting an undergraduate degree or you’re interested in pursuing more education, Dalton State is the place to go in order to get the degree you want.

They have plenty of different schools for you to choose from, including most sciences, mathematics, social work, English, management, and history. Get the education you need to take hold of your future!

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Photo source:  Dalton State