Our mission at HMI Property Solutions, Inc. is to provide all residents with outstanding customer service.  Furthermore, we strive to provide a superior living experience to our valued residents.   We are able to do this by tapping into the vast resources offered by our creative and talented associates.  

This week we would like to share with you what our residents are saying about the level of service provided by our service technicians at Park Canyon Apartments in Dalton Georgia.  Our service technicians work tirelessly to provide all the residents with superior services and an outstanding living experience.  Our spotlight on this Resident Feedback Friday is Maria Benitez, Housekeeing.

Here is what you are saying about Maria’s service:

“Maria is a tribute to excellent work.  Each time I see her, she is involved in diligent work!  Kudos!”

Keep up the great work Maria.  If you would like to share your service experience with your Park Canyon Apartment community, feel free to post on our Facebook page.