October has been National Roller Skating Month since President Reagan declared it in 1983.  With the cooler weather approaching, now is the time to start taking those outside activities inside.  

Did you know that an average size person skating for 2 1/2 hours burns more that 1,200 calories?  Check out these comparisons of calories burned in the same amount of time:

  • Moderate Housecleaning – 507 calories burned
  • Brisk Walking – 620 calories burned
  • Playing Basketball – 981 calories burned
  • Continuous Bowling – 810 calories burned

Located just around the corner from Park Canyon Apartments is The Zone Skate Center  at 611 Sheridan Avenue.  If you enjoy in-line hockey, The Zone invites you to come out an play and join one of their leagues.

So, get out on the skate floor for some fun with family and friends.