Autumn in Georgia is a wonderful time to get out and explore nature. The crisp, cool fall air is perfect for an autumn hike or nature walk, and as the days get shorter, now is the perfect time to take advantage of our remaining daylight before winter sets in.

Chickamauga Creek Trail  begins and ends at the end of Ponder Creek Road.  The trail meanders around second-growth hardwood coves reaching the top of the ridge near the power lines. The coves are filled with poplar at lower levels frequently giving way to hickory and oak near the tops. From Rocky Ridge the trail leaves the power lines (don’t miss the blazes and continue to follow the power lines — the power poles are marked at the top in black numbers on a yellow background. After the passing pole 125 turn left onto the trail) and climbs steadily to its highest point, the Tennessee Valley divide on Dicks Ridge. Rivers north of the divide(in this area, west in others) flow to the Mississippi. Rivers south of the divide flow to the Gulf.

Johns Mountain Trail starts with one of the best views of the “Ridge and Valley” section of north Georgia from the deck in the parking lot. It follows the high ridge top of Johns Mountain to the upper Keown Falls overlook, then returns to the Johns Mountain parking lot in a grueling mile, climbing some 800 feet.

Get out this fall for fresh air, exercise, and the beauty of nature with all the great opportunities for trail walking close to our Park Canyon Apartments inDalton.