One of the best things about living in one of our Park Canyon Apartments in Dalton, GA is that you have access to ID-10022143our basketball court. There are many games you can play on the court without playing an actual full-court game. Gather the kids and head on out to the court to play some games.


This game is great for all ages. You need at least two people to play. The first person finds a spot on the court and tries to make a basket. If he makes it, he gets the “H”. The second player goes to the same spot and shoots the ball and if he makes it, he gets an “H”. The play continues. However, if the first player misses his shot, the second player can pick any spot he selects and will shoot and for each shot that is made, the player gains another letter until the word “horse” is earned. He is then the winner.


Use some chalk to mark spots on the free line throw area. Mark 5-7 areas and each person starts at the first marked spot and shoots, if he makes it, he advances to the next spot. Play continues until one player makes all shots.

Try these games on our community court and share your favorite games with us on Facebook!

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