Stroll through the woods in Dalton.

Exploring the outdoors is important, because natural sunlight is proven to enhance mood and banish depression. Not only this, but filling your lungs with fresh air and getting the heart pumping will be beneficial for your overall health. So why not discover one of the many hiking trails in Dalton?

  • The Glen Falls Trail will definitely get your blood pumping and is suitable for people of all ages. The trail stretches over 1.6 miles, and you can take some fantastic photos when you reach the enchanting waterfall. Be sure to take a good camera with you because when you arrive at Lookout Mountain, the view is simply too good to just keep in your memory. On this trail you will walk across bridges, through caves and up steps, so be prepared for an adventure!
  • Another hiking trail in Dalton is the Disney Trail, which is a little more challenging than Glen Falls. This trail spans for 2.4 miles and takes you along the site of fighting, known as the Battle of Rocky Face. Explore historic roads, George Disney’s grave and, if you have the energy, you can explore some undeveloped trails.

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