Your pets are indeed cuddly and pretty, and for many reasons, your children love to play catch with them or run around playing tag. Pets make you and your children happy, and while living at our Park Canyon Apartments in Dalton, GA, there is a great pet grooming center designed to keep your pets sparkly clean.

The Top Dawg Pet Spa, located at 120 W. Cuyler Street is the one-stop grooming station for all pets. Whether you own a dog or a cat, this station is a perfect destination to enhance and/or maintain your pet’s image and health. Almost every day, pets tend to become unpleasant without proper grooming and care. The Groom Wizard does its best to keep your pets as fresh as ever at affordable prices. From long and smelly hair to body care, your pets will definitely feel invigorated and relieved after a day of grooming.

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Image source:  Free Digital Photos