Georgia may not be known for its cheesesteak subs, but if you’re looking for a place where you can get an authentic one, there are a few restaurants in Dalton that offer them. The eatery that’s probably best well known is NY Style Pizza, which offers all sorts of great treats from the Northeast. Residents of Park Canyon Apartments will wonder if they’re still in the heart of the South!Flickr

The prices at NY Style Pizza are completely reasonable, even though they’ve cornered the market in cheesesteak and great pizza. Their service is prompt and friendly, whether you’re a new customer or have been a regular for ages. Go for the pizza, but stay for the cheesesteak, which locals say is the best in town.

If you do want to try their pizza, they have all sorts of great specials for you to try. Their cheese is phenomenal, which can really make or break a pizza. NY Style Pizza in Dalton is the place to go for authentic cheesesteaks and great pizza.

They also have various other Italian entrees, like chicken parmesan, which is a great break from their usual fare.

Have you ever had an authentic Philly cheesesteak? Tell us how it was unique!

Photo by stu_spivak