What do you know about Dalton?  Residents at Park Canyon Apartments in Dalton may be interested in these fun fact about out town?

  1. Whitfield County was formed in 1851, and named for Reverend George Whitefield who had come to Georgia from Britain as a missionary. Dalton was originally called Cross Plains.
  2. A virtual industrial revolution came to the area when a young farm girl named Catherine Evans Whitener revived the colonial art of tufting in the early 1900s. Whitener made a tufted bedspread which she was able to sell for two dollars and fifty cents. That first bedspread represents the birth of a significant cottage industry in Dalton. Other women began to sew for extra income, and by the early 1920s, the success of these business women had created quite a stir. Bedspreads led to scatter rugs and other products by the 1930s, and these new exports saved Dalton and Whitfield County from the pangs of depression felt by other parts of the nation.
  3. By the 1950s, advances in machinery, technology and dyeing methods opened the doors to the modern carpet industry. The entrepreneurial spirit of the people of this Northwest Georgia Community turned a cottage bedspread industry into a multi-billion dollar carpet industry.
  4. Dalton is the gateway to the 150-mile Cheftain’s Trail, which traces the path of Cherokee Indian sites located throughout Northwest Georgia.

And now you know!  Come see what else is special about Dalton at Park Canyon Apartments.