The Olive Tap is a family owned business here in Dalton GA.  Their mission is to find the freshest, high quality extra virgin olive oil, infused with great flavors.  They provide the freshest, highest quality extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars available. Their olive oils come to them from both hemispheres, and out of multiple countries, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Chile to name a few .  Their infused olive oils are made with one hundred percent pure, refined olive oil.  This provides for a bold olive oil flavor that can counteract the subtle flavors of the fresh herbs.

Their Balsamic Vinegars are harvested in Modena, Italy, and is produced by one of the most renowned balsamic producers in Italy.  This Balsamic is all-natural, and has been perfected over generations to yield a balsamic vinegar with a thick viscosity and smooth, sweet, decadent taste WITHOUT the use of thickeners or sweeteners.

To sum it up, The Olive Tap offers over 50 varieties of olive oils and balsamic vinegars and the opportunity to taste and experience pairings before purchase. To all of our Park Canyon Apartment residents, come in and enjoy a great tasting experience.