What do you do when  you want to enjoy the outdoors, have a small adventure, and get some exercise? One great way to do all of the above is to go for a nature hike down a wooded trail. Here are a few nature trails near our exploring residents of the Park Canyon apartment community:

  • Disney Trail – On this trek, you’ll enjoy a 2.5 mile trail to the top of Rocky Face Mountain and learn a bit of Georgia history. The trail is named after a Civil War soldier who is buried there with a historical marker identifying the area.
  • Pinhoti Trail– You may want to keep track and only take on a portion of this trail as its full length is around 155 miles long. It also connects to the famous Appalachian Trail.
  • Spring Creek Preserve – Located on a 200 acre wetland area are a network of trails for you to enjoy. You’ll also see lots of plants and wildlife.
Try one of these hiking trails the next time you feel like taking a quick adventure and share your experience with us on Facebook!