The city of Atlanta used to be able to state that they had the largest Veterans Day Parade in the state. Dalton took that as a challenge. Our city may be small, but we put together a huge fuss to make sure that our veterans know we respect their service.Flickr

The Veterans Day Parade will be returning this year on November 10th, one of the great events in Dalton. The parade will start at 10 AM and participants will start lining up at 9 AM. The parade is organized by the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion, who have been putting it on for 10 of the last 11 parades.

The parade usually has over 100 floats, various bands, and even more attractions. We’re not sure if it’s actually bigger than Atlanta’s, but it sure puts a dent in their spectacle. Last year, the parade brought about 1,500 people, which when you consider the size of Dalton, is pretty spectacular.

This year, the parade will have a new route, so make sure you show up to the right place! It’ll be starting at Thornton and Waugh, eventually veering over to Hamilton street.

How will you be thanking the veterans in your life?

Photo by Jeffrey Beall