OK all you trivia experts here at Park Canyon Apartments, do you know what day August 2 is?  Celebrated each year on August 2, it is classic-vanilla-ice-cream-sandwich-recipe-how-to-make-summer-cool-chocolate-cookie-better-baking-bible-blogNational Ice Cream Sandwich Day.  This food holiday is one that will refresh each one of us, across the United States, on a warm summer day with a delicious frozen ice cream sandwich.

The modern version of the ice cream sandwich was invented by Jerry Newberg in 1945 when he was selling ice cream at Forbes Field.   There are pictures from the early 1900′s, “On the  beach, Atlantic City”, that show Ice Cream Sandwiches were popular and sold for 1 cent each.

There are alternatives to the classic ice cream sandwich using chocolate cookies, oatmeal cookies or a rice crispy wafer in place of the original chocolate one.

Did you know ice cream sandwiches are known around the world with different names,
such as:

  • Giant Sandwich – Austrailia
  • Monaco Bar
  • Maxibon – Europe
  • Cream Between
  • Vanilla Slice – New Zealand
  • Potong – Singapore
  • Nougat Wafer
  • Sliders – Scotland & Ireland
  • Ice Cream Wafers
  • Double Nougat – United Kingdom