Nothing beats great Italian cuisine. From pizza to pasta, the many restaurants in Dalton offer some of the best from overseas. You’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for, wherever you are in or around town. Here are a couple of places you’ll want to check out when you have this craving you need to satisfy are:

Not only serving pizza, Gondolier also serves up many other Italian dishes like Alfredo and other pastas, seafood and salads, and they even carry a light menu for the more nutritionally cautious. Of course if pizza catches your fancy they have some of the best you’ll find anywhere, considering it’s what they’re known for.

What better place to grab a bite of Italian than a place with that word in its name? The Italian Village of Dalton can give you great food alongside great service. A friendly staff is there to see to your enjoyment of some of the best cuisine in town, with its signature old world style sauce helping to transport you outside the country.

What are your favorite Italian restaurants in Dalton? Give us your suggestions here and we’ll be happy to hear them and let you know what else is in town.