It is the time of year for swimming, strolling, and lounging in the sunshine. More importantly, you need a new book to pull off the shelves and dive in to. Reading outside in good weather is a pleasure; consider some of the shops around that can scratch your itch for the written word. After all, our Park Canyonapartments in Dalton, GA are located close to several reputable bookstores.

Book Nook is a great choice for the bookworm and casual reader alike. This somewhat smaller shop proffers an impressive selection of titles for visitors to peruse. An exciting element of this particular store is their predilection for used books. Many book hubs these days opt to carry new publications only – this is an excellent location for finding affordable deals on an array of novels, poetry books and more.

For those looking to up the literary ante, take a turn towards Books-A-Million. They boast a selection to truly be envied; on top of traditionally printed texts, they sell eBook reading devices, toys, and other means of entertainment for young and old.

Remember, every book is an adventure waiting to be called upon. Go exploring and share your favorite book with us on Facebook!

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