Recycling is just the start with our tips!

You may have heard the phrase ‘going green’ before, but do you really know what this means? If you think that ‘going green’ means painting your apartment a vibrant shade of apple, lime or sage, you would be wrong, because it actually means ‘eco-friendly’. Millions of people will be celebrating Earth Day this April, and you can show your support by using our green living ideas for apartments.

  • If you regularly pack your own lunch for work, you should start using reusable lunch bags. By reusing bags, you prevent landfills from being compacted with waste. Waste can emit harmful toxins into the atmosphere, proving the importance of tackling this problem.
  • Try to recycle every day. Whether you pick up a tin can from the sidewalk or fold cardboard boxes flat and place them in the appropriate recycling bins, every little helps.
  • Invest in energy-saver bulbs. The money you spend will be worthwhile when you notice the reduction on your energy bills.
  • Wash clothes on a cool temperature to preserve energy. Fiddle with the temperature on your thermostat, too, because you can slash your energy bills by simply adjusting by two degrees.

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