dalton-steakhousesSteak…it’s what’s for dinner!  When looking for restaurants near our Park Canyon apartments in Dalton, GA, there are some great places where steak is not only on the menu, but the star attraction.

Your first stop should be the Dalton Depot Restaurant.  This National Register historic landmark is not only a historic train depot, but houses a very popular restaurant.  When visiting, make sure you try the Depot Ribeye, which you can have blackened or Teriyaki style. Or try the Conductor’s Filet- an eight ounce beef tenderloin wrapped in bacon. Another house favorite is Pete’s Hot Italian Steak.

Another stop along the hometown steak restaurant circuit is Steak Ranchero.  This restaurant is famous for Mexican fare, but heavy on the steak.  When you go there, be sure to check such dinner specialties as the Steak Ranchero, which is choice charbroiled steak and a hot salsa served with tortillas, or try the Steak a la Tampiquena which features more than a half-pound of ribeye steak with beans, rice, and all the fixings–and tortillas.

Other great steak restaurants in Dalton, GA include Longhorn and Outback Steakhouses, both known for their signature steaks and grilling finesse.

Check out one or all of these great steakhouses near you and share your favorite cut with us on Facebook!