Sometimes the hardest part of summer is staying cool and comfortable. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have a variety of tips and suggestions to stay cool and remain safe during the hot summer months here at our Park Canyonapartments in Dalton, GA.The following are recommended by the CDC as ways to prevent heat-related illness:

  1. Drink additional fluids during periods of extreme heat.
  2. Stay away from alcohol or sugar-heavy drinks as they will dehydrate you more.
  3. Remain indoors in an air-conditioned area.
  4. Wear clothing that is light in both weight and color, to reflect the sun’s rays.
  5. Make sure that you or anyone else aren’t left in a sealed, parked vehicle.
  6. Groups such as children 1-7, adults over 65 and the mentally handicapped should be checked more often for heat-related illness as they are at greater risk.
  7. If being in the heat is essential, make sure you limit your exposure to morning and evening hours.
  8. If you have to exercise, drink two to four glasses of a non-alcoholic sports drink which will replace the electrolytes lost from exercise.
  9. Wear a large hat to shade your head and face from the sun.

Keep these tips in mind during the hot days this summer and stay cool! How do you stay cool? Share with us on Facebook!