Did you grow up fascinated by trains?  Are you mesmerized by the sound of trains running the track?  Do trains evoke a sense of awe and power in you?  Then you may very well be a Railfan.  ID-100281401

As a resident of Park Canyon Apartments located here in Dalton Georgia, you are in a unique geographical location that is rich in locomotive history.  Dalton is the only place in Georgia, outside of Atlanta, where the Norfolk Southern and CSX rail lines intersect and run side by side.  This rare convergence makes Dalton a great place for train watching.

At the Dalton Freight Depot, expect 50 to 55 trains during a 24 hour period.  CSX operates about 20 trains per 24 hours and Norfolk Southern operates 30 to 35 per 24 hours.  If you want to know when the trains are scheduled to pass by the Dalton Freight Depot, check out there video monitor that displays the active dispatcher’s board so you know when the trains are coming.

Kids of all ages will enjoy train watching from the Dalton Freight Depot.

Image courtesy of dan at FreeDigitalPhotos.net