Make a new friend in Dalton.

Are you planning on moving into pet-friendly apartments in Dalton alone? If so, why not adopt an animal to keep you company? When you visit a local animal shelter, you can meet hundreds of animals and pay a small fee to take them home with you.

The Humane Society of Northwest Georgia is a respected local animal shelter that prevents dogs and cats from being put down. By visiting them directly or visiting their social networking page, you can view the list of animals that are currently available to adopt.

You can decide whether you want a baby, young, adult or senior animal, and you can also choose between male or female dogs and cats. This non-profit organization strives to ensure that every animal gets a loving home. Because as much as 500 dogs and cats are put to sleep in Dalton every month, your adoption could make a significant difference.

If you cannot afford to adopt a pet, why not donate money? Your donation could go a long way and will help animals to get the food and treatment they so rightly deserve. You can donate online on their official Facebook page.

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