Have you ever looked as stuff you have collected or have laying around and wondered if it could be put to good use in your Park Canyon Apartment home?  Apparently a lot of folks are thinking the same thing and have come up with some very creative ideas to “repurpose” stuff.  Here are just a few of the great ideas that may just give you some ideas.ketchup-squeeze-bottle-into-pancake-squirter 2

  • Put those toilet paper rolls to use and re-use them to organize and store your cables and cords.  Simply fold up the cords the same length as the toilet paper roll and place the cords inside the roles.
  • Reuse ketchup bottles as a pancake mix squirter.
  • Reuse old kleenex boxes as a plastic grocery bag dispenser.  A convenient and great way to store your plastic bags.
  • Turn old suitcases into side tables by adding legs.
  • Reuse old cassette tape cases as gift card boxes.  Get crafty and dress them up with items you can pick up from and art store.
  • Use an old paper towel holder to store rolls of ribbon.
  • Use a cupcake tray as a jewelry organizer.

What other ideas have you come up with to repurpose stuff.  Why not take a minute to share them with us on our Facebook page.