Enjoy views like this around Dalton.

When you walk along the nature trails around our Park Canyon apartments in Dalton, you can learn about this area and the routes that people once walked along. The city was not always as developed as it is today, proving how this area has seen major growth over the years.

Here are five things you probably didn’t know about Dalton’s history:

  1. Edward Dalton White founded the city in 1847. Named as the seat of government in 1851, the city began to grow from this moment onwards and the railroad depot that was constructed the following year still stands today.
  2. Dalton’s carpet industry wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for Catherine Evans Whitener. As technology grew in the 1950s, Dalton became the Carpet Capital.
  3. The railroad lines around Dalton made transportation easy, allowing local businesses to thrive. After the Civil War, a rail line to Rome was built.
  4. Dalton was home to Cherokee Indians prior to the Civil War. Before the white settlers arrived, the government made a treaty with the Indians to trade land.
  5. The Crown Archives can be found here and these contain information relating to the Civil War and the carpet industry.

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