Moving into to a new apartment is exciting and challenging at the same time.  You get to live in a new place and meet new friend and make new memories.  You also need to figure out to arrange your furniture in you new place.  Arranging the furniture in your bedroom can be especially frustrating.  So, we want to make this process as easy as possible.  Below you will find some helpful tips to follow that will help you arrange your bedroom just the way you want it to look and function best for you.

  1. Take a look at the furniture you have and pick only those pieces that are necessary for the room to function for you.  If you bedroom is small, using just a few pieces of furniture will make the room look bigger.
  2. Use only the furniture you already have before you consider buying any new items for this room.  Once you have these pieces in place, you can then see what new items you may need and whether they will fit in the room.
  3. Take a piece of paper and draw out the design your think will work before you start moving furniture.  Take advantage of mobile apps such as Amikasa – 3D Floorplanner.  That way you won’t find yourself moving furniture over and over again just to find out that what you pictured in you mind just wont work in the space you have.
  4. After you decide on where to put your bed, start arranging the rest of your furniture beginning with the biggest piece and work your way down to the smallest piece.

Even if you are not moving in to Park Canyon Apartments for the first, you can still use these tips to re-arrange your bedroom for a fresh new look.