Let’s face it, nobody likes to spend their free time cleaning, least of all the shower.  So, here are 4 tips that our Park Canyon residents can use to keep their shower sparkling all year long.

  1. Cover your shower faucet with a bag of vinegar that you secure in place with a rubber band.  Leave the bag on overnight.  In the morning, remove the bag of vinegar and you will have a very clean shower head without having to scrub it clean.
  2. Soak your shower curtain in a salt bath for a few hours, let it dry, then rehang.  Do this periodically, the salt is a great way to fight against mildew.
  3. Cut off the bottom of your shower curtain liner with pinking shears.  The uneven edges created by the shears will facility water dipping and reduce the chance of mildew.
  4. Keep a soap dispensing cleaning brush in the shower filled with equal parts of vinegar and dishwashing detergent.  The brush will remind you to clean you shower and it’s always easier to clean when you’re already in it.